Benefits of Membership

The International Association of Law Schools (IALS) was incorporated in October 2005; its voting members consists of educational institutions offering law degrees. It is expected that benefits of membership will include:

    • Ability to apply for Scholars’ Awards
    • Being part of a network of law schools that cooperate in various types of faculty, student, and scholarly exchange
    • Access to list’s limited to IALS members only
    • Inclusion of information about your law school and its programs on the IALS website, with posting of such information limited exclusively to IALS members
    • Providing an opportunity for faculty to post drafts of, and completed scholarly articles on the IALS website, and seek feedback from colleagues throughout the world
    • Enhancing your law school’s ability to educate graduates for transnational practice through exchange of information and otherwise
    • Receiving IALS newsletters containing articles of interest, announcements of programs at other member schools, and notices of possible exchange agreements
    • Providing your faculty with the opportunity to participate in “by invitation only” international gatherings of leading legal educators on topics of scholarly or pedagogical interest
    • Participation in the development of curriculum and other guidelines to adapt legal education to the needs of diverse cultures and societies, and be recognized as a school that subscribes to such guidelines
    • Opportunities to participate in a “Partner Law School” program for cooperative programs between law schools in different legal systems that may also be at different economic levels
    • Opportunities to work with other member schools on global justice projects or other projects of mutual interest

Who May Become an IALS Member?

IALS has both voting and non-voting members. Voting members are institutions offering legal education. Non-Voting members include individual legal educators and associations of law schools. All members are committed to the principles and mission of the Association, and to paying dues in an amount established by the Governing Board. Specific membership requirements and the membership application can be found on the IALS web site at

Each voting member has one vote in the General Assembly, which is the ultimate authority of the Association. To assure that IALS will not be dominated by law schools in any single country, the charter provides that regardless of the number of voting members from any one country, no more than 10 percent of the vote totals in the General Assembly may be from such country.

The General Assembly elects eighteen members to its Governing Board. The Governing Board consists of four officers: President, President-elect, Immediate Past President, and General Secretary/Treasurer. No country may have more than one member on the Governing Board, except that one additional person may serve as an officer.