We are pleased to post the papers for
IALS Conference  on Teaching, Legal Education and Strategic Planning

University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
April 13-15, 2011

These papers are posted for Conference Delegates to read in advance of the conference. 
On the first morning of the Conference, Delegates will present their paper in small groups.
We look forward to seeing you in Buenos Aires!


Participant Papers
Papers by Plenary Session Topic for Speakers and Sub-Theme for Delegates; alphabetical by last name

Plenary Session: How Did IALS Get Here?

Plenary Session: Curriculum Content of Legal Education

Criteria for Determination of the Curriculum

Social Justice and the Role of Law School

Sex Gender and the Law: Significance as Foundational Courses

Optional and Core Courses

Internationalization of the Curriculum

Incorporating Indigenous Legal Systems in the Curriculum

Knowledge, Skills and Values in Legal Education

Ethics and Professionalism

Graduate Studies

Plenary Session: Pedagogy

Clinical and Experiential Learning

Teaching Foundational Courses

Teaching Skills; Legal Reasoning; Problem Solving and Writing Skills

Teaching Ethics and Values

Teaching Cross-Culturally

Teaching Research Skills

Plenary Session: Regulation and Accreditation Models

Role of Government

Role of the Bar and Judiciary

Quality Control and Enforcement Mechanisms

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