Expression of Interest to be a Moderator and Small Discussion Groups

During the registration process, you would be asked to indicate if you would like to be a moderator.

The Forum will focus on the following themes:

  • Law school Leadership in the 21st century
  • Commonalities for a legal education globally
  • Core outcomes for every law graduate

Small Discussion Groups will also take place on these other topics, including but not limited to the following, a survey will be conducted before the forum to see determine which topics are of greater interest:

• What is the purpose of law school?
Academic breadth
Professional training

• A 21st Century Curriculum
Doctrinal issues
Skills training
Ethical Issues

• A 21st Century Pedagogy
Active Learning Methods
Passive Learning Methods
The Online Environment

• Running a 21st Century Law School
Relationship Between Regulatory Authorities and Law Schools
Relationship Between the University and the Law School
Allocation of Resources
Public Support
Institutional advancement – development
Student placement

• Measuring Success